Producing in-house creative services is one kind of art; successfully managing in-house creative services is another.

We bridge the divide.

We take in-house creative departments
to the next level of creativity, productivity,
and performance.

RoundPeg developed Creative Services Management Support (CSMS) to help non-profit executives and communication leaders turn under-performing in-house creative departments into creative powerhouses.

What you will learn

Creative Services Management Support (CSMS) uses proven best practices to optimize the work of in-house creative teams. You’ll learn to identify weaknesses and build on strengths. You’ll manage and motivate staff designers, enhance staff skills through mentoring, and explore ways to infuse your workplace with creative spirit and organizational direction. We’ll inspire you to reimagine your organization from the inside out!

By maximizing your team’s creative potential you’ll better express your organization’s vision, clearly communicate its vital messages, and build lasting connections with the people who matter most.


the creative team’s ability to contribute


in-house designers from “makers” into “thinkers”


in-house design function with systems and processes


mentoring opportunities


efficiency in hiring outside vendors


creative services output

How this service works

We start by performing a strategic assessment of your in-house creative department. Based on our findings we provide administrative guidance, mentor and inspire design teams with fresh creative direction, and reinvigorate in-house creative staff with out-of-the-box training.

“Working with RoundPeg, Polina, and now CSMS has brought us fantastic results over many years. With their invaluable guidance and support – which is grounded in experience and real-world application, and always infused with Polina’s artistic passion – our in-house graphic and web designer has developed her skills, advanced her creative vision, and has created projects to be proud of.

RoundPeg, CSMS, and Polina are our experts, creators, and valued consultants.”

Craig Demchak
Director of Marketing & Communications, The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation

“We knew where we wanted to go with our design team but needed the expertise of a top design management consultant to get there. Polina was that person. She helped us recruit and interview a first-rate creative director and provided invaluable guidance along the way. The result is today we have an outstanding design team that works extremely well together under the leadership of a highly talented creative leader.

We could not have done this without Polina’s assistance.”

Angie Cannon
Partner, The Hatcher Group

The bottom line

RoundPeg understands what goes on on both sides of the drawing board. We know exactly how to help improve your creative services output, lower human resource spending, and improve your ROI.

Curious to know more?

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