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Validating Purpose

The role of business in society is changing. Companies are now expected to be environmentally sustainable, or at least to have some type of corporate social responsibility program in place.

Thankfully, increasing numbers of companies are looking more holistically at how their businesses can be socially responsible. Some are making deep commitments to balance people, planet, and profit by certifying as B Corps and incorporating as Benefit Corporations.

The most dedicated of these social enterprises realize the importance and benefits of putting social impact Purpose at the core of their business.

Perhaps your company is one of these committed innovators. If you are, you’re likely feeling the positive impacts of Purpose. But maybe you need some third-party data to gain support for Purpose within your organization, with your board and investors, or with external partners.

Or if you’re considering beginning a Purpose journey for your business, you’re likely driven by a conviction that it’s the right thing to do. But perhaps you’re wondering whether pursuing Purpose can yield meaningful business results. Or you may even be getting pushback from other others within your organization.

No matter your situation, this resource provides validation for the incredibly practical benefits of social impact Purpose to help the skeptics and measurement geeks in your life understand why putting Purpose first is good for brand and business alike.

What is Social Impact Purpose?

Those capital Ps you see in Purpose aren’t typos.

All businesses have a purpose (lowercase p). For many, though thankfully fewer and fewer, their purpose is to make money above all else. For others, innovation and invention = purpose. And for others still, solving a specific problem is their purpose.

But not all businesses have a social impact Purpose (capital P). Companies with Purpose seek to make meaningful, significant social change that improves lives and communities, whether local or global.

If you want to know more about Purpose, check out our free resource, Purpose: What It Is… And Isn’t. It shows what makes Purpose so, well, purposeful and explains (with examples from good brands you know) what Purpose means for social impact companies.

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The Business Case for Purpose

The bottom line is that Purpose boosts the bottom line. Studies show that companies that have a clearly defined, articulated, integrated and activated Purpose perform better than those that don’t. Purpose creates value in almost every aspect of a business.

  • Purpose-driven Companies Perform
  • Purpose Matters to Consumers
  • Purpose Boosts Brands
  • Purpose Engenders Trust
  • Purpose Promotes Loyalty
  • Purpose Drives Sales
  • Purpose Attracts and Engages Employees

Read on to learn how.

Purpose-driven Companies Perform

Thanks to multiple studies that have tracked various aspects of performance as Purposeful businesses have emerged over the past 10+ years, we know that Purpose is a performance enhancer for business.

Purpose Matters to Consumers

Consumer expectations are changing. When consumers believe that brands have the power – and an obligation – to make the world better, what your company does and says matters more than ever.

Putting Purpose first is good for brand and business alike.


Purpose Boosts Brands

Consumers want brands that inspire. We choose brands to reflect our values, to symbolize our beliefs and to build connections with others. So when a brand stands for a certain Purpose, the customer choosing it is living that shared Purpose to create their best self. The choice is not necessarily about your product, your price, your sustainability, etc. It’s what your brand means to consumers: their interpretation of – and experience with – your brand narrative.

It’s tough out there for brands, especially when most people wouldn’t care if 74% of brands disappeared yet consumers increasingly demand brand responsibility.

When 90% of consumers now expect companies to do more than make a profit, it’s clear that Purpose strengthens brands.

Purpose Engenders Trust

In an environment where Americans trust only 22% of brands and 42% find brands and companies less truthful now than two decades ago, it’s no wonder that just 41% trust business leaders to do what is right.

Purpose Promotes Loyalty

Purposeful companies earn the trust of their customers and connect with them through their values. What follows is loyalty and retention that is foolish to ignore.

Purpose Drives Sales

Consumers are saying – and showing – that a brand’s Purpose and purposeful actions directly influence their purchase behavior.

Purpose Attracts and Engages Employees

Employees want work that is meaningful, and engaged employees have a real impact on the bottom line. In fact, businesses with “highly engaged” employees outperform their peers by 147% in earnings per share. Being Purpose-driven is a natural fit for attracting the best talent and keeping them engaged and productive longer.

Making Purpose Work for Your Business

If most executives believe that Purpose is good for business, why aren’t more businesses pursuing a path toward Purpose?

Is it because the path to Purpose is full of hard, reflective work and founders and others in the C-suite are hard pressed to find the time to organize their staff to do this introspective and potentially disruptive work?

Or is it because change is hard for anyone?

We all know that nothing worth doing is easy. But the business benefits of social impact Purpose are clear.

We imagine that you’re reading this because you know your company can do more and be more—to your customers, yourselves and the world community. We encourage you to have conversations within your business about whether Purpose is right for you.

The good news: RoundPeg has the resources you and your company need to navigate your path to Purpose. Get started by taking our 4-minute quiz to test where your company is on the path to Purpose. It’s quick, free, and you’ll get your results right away. Then you’ll know the steps you need to take to unlock the benefits of Purpose in your company!

Learn how to start your Path to Purpose:

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