Podcast: How to prepare now for the future of marketing

Why do truly good brands need Purpose to connect with their consumers? Why now? And what’s next?

The Boiling Point Podcast episode on Marketing Your Purpose has all the answers. Our discussion with hosts Greg Hemmings and Steve Kopp explored how companies with social Purpose can use marketing for good while building meaningful connections with customers. Nowadays, social responsibility isn’t enough: consumers want to do more than give change when they open their wallets; they want to make change.

But why now? We discuss shifting demographics, the impact of politics, and marketing’s somewhat shady history to understand why Purpose is key to increasing social impact and unlocking customer loyalty. We also cover marketing’s responsibility in the Purpose economy.

Gone are the marketing days of yore, when Don Draper peddled products to fill a void in consumers’ lives. Today, consumers want to contribute to making the world a better place and expect the same of companies. We reveal how Purpose lives at the intersection of what companies and the average consumer are doing to make positive change.

Got 30 minutes? Tune in now to hear how Purpose improves decision fatigue and helps our customers be their best selves. Plus learn about our favorite Purposeful companies (hint: brownies!) and a prediction for the future of marketing for good.

Queue up the episode for your car ride, workout or for right now. You don’t want to miss it!

Boiling Point is a podcast for the ever-evolving entrepreneur and forward-thinking movement pioneer. It informs and inspires positive change in business and the world.

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Anne is a strategic partner to RoundPeg, offering consulting on select projects to figure out how to use marketing to help people make good choices. In her free time, she enjoys sampling obscure teas, spending as much time at the beach as possible and spoiling her darling rescue dogs, Molly and Phoebe. An impassioned communicator and people person, Anne enjoys bringing people together and offering advice to anyone who wants it [or doesn’t]. See more posts by Anne.
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