We’re challenging conspicuous consumption by changing how people make purchasing decisions. Because buying responsibly should be the norm, not the exception. It’s time to make the good choice the easy choice. It’s time to treat customers as partners in change. It’s our responsibility to help consumers make choices that are good for them, good for others and good for the planet.

Making Good On Our Promise.

RoundPeg is built around our shared commitment to create positive change.
Here’s how we do it.


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Does Your Company Have a Purpose?

Learn whether your good business is living up to its Purpose potential and what to do if it’s not!

Pegefits | peg-ə-fits | (noun)   The advantages or benefits of working with RoundPeg.

and experience to bring your purpose to life for your customers. We ask good questions. We make good recommendations. And we apply our resources We’re good at what we do.  Pegafit No. 1 Pegafit No. 2 We care about what you do. We don’t take on a client unless we can support their mission and how they do business. Period. Pegafit No. 3 We’ll make you look good. To your customers. To your investors. To your colleagues. To your boss. Pegafit No. 4 We’ve been in your shoes.  We’ve worked with–and within–organizations committed to social good.  We’re a certified B Corp and a Maryland Benefit LLC. We understand the joys and challenges of holding the quadruple bottom line. Pegafit No. 5 We don’t just follow up, we follow through.  We approach our client relationships as partnerships. We want to help your business grow: grow your profits, grow your communities and grow your impact.  Pegafit No. 6 We’re nimble.  Small by design, our talented staff and handpicked, road-tested partners come together in teams built to meet your needs. Pegafit No. 7 We’re open and willing to learn. We know our stuff inside and out. But we’re still constantly learning from our clients. About social enterprise. About relationships. About change. That’s what keeps things interesting. Pegafit No. 8 We take our work seriously. Ourselves? Not so much. We always leave room for fun. Follow us on Facebook for a glimpse of our lighter side.
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